Friday, June 25, 2010

Home, sweet home

I feel like this every time I come home from a long vacation. It feels so good to be back to this view, the garden, the sunny weather, the light. Not to mention husband and little fuzzy friends, who had to stay at home.

Germany was fun. It always is.
There was lots of quality time to be spent with our wonderful and generous Oma, and the rest of the family.
As usual the weather was sometimes nice and sunny, good enough to enjoy outings to the lake.

And sometimes it was not so nice - the worst being a hail storm.

One summer ritual is Lewis' spending time in and cleaning my brother's garden pond.

Most of all he loves hunting down the critters in the water, like dragonfly larvae and these little guys:

They look like they might be related to lizards, but live in the water with cute little webbed feet and a flattened tail. Do you know what the "Molch" might be called in English?

Then there was the knitting. Lots of it. And lots of new Lana Grossa yarns, resulting from too many visits to my favorite yarn shop, the "Wollmaedchen" in Alzenau.

I have yet to take some decent pictures of the finished projects, so for now just a sneak peek.

There was also a much inspiring visit to my friend Rosi and her beautiful studio in Frankfurt. If you should ever need a gorgeous one-of-a-kind dress, tailored to your body from the most superb and elegant fabrics for --- say a dinner with the president, then she should be the person to consult! If you need to get in touch with her/the couture atelier, let me know.

And this is it for today.
Again, and I can't say it often enough, it's good to be home.