Friday, July 6, 2012


While our annual summer visit in Germany was most of the time too chilly, making me wish for my woolen sweaters and sox, there were still some fun outings, involving barbecue and adventure.
Oh boy, we went zip lining!

 After taking off the gear/when we were done we felt great and were all relaxed. That's when a friend took these special pictures of the boy and me and I am grateful! Rare photos that I will treasure!

Barbecue at my brother's house. Yum.

This one blew me away, the mobile coffee bar at a garden fair! Good stuff!

Surprise, surprise, there is a wonderful new little yarn shop, Wollzauberei, in the small town where I was born!

As usual I bought way too much yarn. But I knitted a lot, too. This is my favorite new summer shirt, finished while I was there, though I could only wear it once thanks to the crappy weather.

What do you know, now it seems that the Albuquerque weather is trying to make up and fries us.
I take it any time, just please no more wild fires!