Sunday, May 24, 2009

my dream

I had seen this bumper sticker on another car and had to have it, too.
My heart goes out to all my gay friends, especially to those who want to get married and are not allowed to. To all of you who are not granted equal rights and who are harrassed and/or suffer from intolerance created from ignorance.

How cool would it be to see an ocean of rainbows on cars all over? If people would not need to hate what they don't understand, but ask and look with a positive approach? My dream.

We are taking off for a blog and pc free 4 week vacation in Germany tomorrow, back at the end of June. I hope you have an equally good start into the summer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the boy

Last week was quite emotional for me.

My baby, my son, my first born turned 10 on the 13th. He was impatiently looking forward to the day, mostly because of the presents. This is how it has been for as long as he has realized, what is going on. However, I see the changes in him, a lot more consciousness of self, growing maturity, and I get a glimpse of what's to come.
I can very well embrace the change, being the woman that fell in love with an American and started a new life and family in the USA - you probably figure. However, looking back at those days of innocence and little-boy-being makes me so sad, because they are forever gone.
Just a few days old, born at 10 lbs. 4 oz:

About a year old with uncle Ralf in Germany:

On his 4th birthday in Maryland, when we still lived in our very first house:

On his 7th birthday in Maryland:

In 2007, after the move to New Mexico, when he had the longest hair ever:

Turning 10:

On Saturday we celebrated with a total of 8 kids and a splash - he had wished for a pool party.

We had a few prizes for pool games and the best "goodie bags" ever: My friend Cheryl, who is about to launch her own business (I will keep you updated), provided us with the test version of reusable little treasure pouches! Those were - filled with personalized notebooks and diving torpedos - attached to pool noodles.

I was thrilled to see Lewis use his to carry his diving toys, when he made his way to the pool the next day! Way to go, Cheryl, and thanks again for letting us be the guinea pigs!

And to you, my sweet son, I say, what I always say jokingly, when I feel that time flies by too fast:
Won't you finally stop growing...!

Friday, May 15, 2009

vintage photo friday

This is a good day to show off one of my favorite childhood pictures of my mom. She tells me she always worked hard in school and made sure her clothes stayed neat and clean. She looks very much like Fiona and while Fiona certainly works hard in school as well, she is the messiest little being that I know!

Love you, mom, I wish I could have been with you in Germany to pick flowers for you on Mother's Day!
P.S. for Visty and certain other nosy friends (everybody else, stop reading right here!):
He was about to mix a small batch of something (concrete?) with a drill with a long mixing attachment. He plugged the darn thing in, not knowing that it was broken and immediatly powered up at high speed, ricocheted off the floor and within a splitsecond into his (I believe still open) eye... Boy, I could still kiss those doctors' feet, how do you fix injuries like this where it almost takes a slice off the eye? They do this stuff every day, quietly and humble! They are heroes!
P.P.S. for Shannon: Get the polarized ones!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

desire and pride

Almost 12 years ago my brother almost lost one eye in a creepy accident involving a power tool, while he was remodeling his house (no, trust me, you don't want to know what happened).

He attended our wedding in 1998 like this:

The eye did not heal completely, but was - and is to this day - very sensitive to light and he needs extremely good protection from sunlight. That's why he started wearing Oakley's and do they look good on him!

Ever since I've wanted Oakley's for myself, but just never found a pair that worked for me. They have always been either too sportsy, wrong shape for my face or too tight.

Just recently I lost my beloved Ray Ban's and trust me, in NM you need good eye proctection, so off I went just before Mother's Day, you guess it, I finally found me the right pair, polarized lenses, comfortable fit, cool, just right for me. I was ready for a happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day had the best possible start, breakfast in bed. Then the kids showered me with their cards and handmade gifts.
What I love best about this is not the mushy bread (I got more almondbutter on my bread than I grant myself in a whole week!) or the lovingly chosen decorations on the tray (who would think of a pink glittered featherboa?!) or the actual presents, the beautifully painted flowerpot and the totebag decorated with hand and even foot prints.
No. My absolute favorite is seeing their faces, smiling, happy, full of joy to give and soso much pride!
You kids rock and you totally made my day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Marathon in Hamburg, Germany, April 1996.

Run for the Zoo, May 2009.

He was there. Right there with us.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Tomorrow the whole family will participate at the Run for the Zoo.
Wyatt and the kids will walk one mile and I will do the timed 5 k run.
This is real special to me, it will be my first event of that kind, called 'Volkslauf' in German. My father ran plenty of those and naturally I have been thinking of him a lot, when I was training the past weeks. I felt like I had to do something special for him - and myself. Just a few days ago I had the perfect idea and today Fiona and me decorated our t-shirts.

I feel peace now. Have a good Sunday, I know I will!