Friday, May 15, 2009

vintage photo friday

This is a good day to show off one of my favorite childhood pictures of my mom. She tells me she always worked hard in school and made sure her clothes stayed neat and clean. She looks very much like Fiona and while Fiona certainly works hard in school as well, she is the messiest little being that I know!

Love you, mom, I wish I could have been with you in Germany to pick flowers for you on Mother's Day!
P.S. for Visty and certain other nosy friends (everybody else, stop reading right here!):
He was about to mix a small batch of something (concrete?) with a drill with a long mixing attachment. He plugged the darn thing in, not knowing that it was broken and immediatly powered up at high speed, ricocheted off the floor and within a splitsecond into his (I believe still open) eye... Boy, I could still kiss those doctors' feet, how do you fix injuries like this where it almost takes a slice off the eye? They do this stuff every day, quietly and humble! They are heroes!
P.P.S. for Shannon: Get the polarized ones!


  1. Wow! Some accident.
    Wow! Fiona really does look just like your mom.
    And, I'll second the opinion on the polarized glasses even though nobody asked. They're definitely worth the extra money.