Thursday, May 14, 2009

desire and pride

Almost 12 years ago my brother almost lost one eye in a creepy accident involving a power tool, while he was remodeling his house (no, trust me, you don't want to know what happened).

He attended our wedding in 1998 like this:

The eye did not heal completely, but was - and is to this day - very sensitive to light and he needs extremely good protection from sunlight. That's why he started wearing Oakley's and do they look good on him!

Ever since I've wanted Oakley's for myself, but just never found a pair that worked for me. They have always been either too sportsy, wrong shape for my face or too tight.

Just recently I lost my beloved Ray Ban's and trust me, in NM you need good eye proctection, so off I went just before Mother's Day, you guess it, I finally found me the right pair, polarized lenses, comfortable fit, cool, just right for me. I was ready for a happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day had the best possible start, breakfast in bed. Then the kids showered me with their cards and handmade gifts.
What I love best about this is not the mushy bread (I got more almondbutter on my bread than I grant myself in a whole week!) or the lovingly chosen decorations on the tray (who would think of a pink glittered featherboa?!) or the actual presents, the beautifully painted flowerpot and the totebag decorated with hand and even foot prints.
No. My absolute favorite is seeing their faces, smiling, happy, full of joy to give and soso much pride!
You kids rock and you totally made my day!


  1. No, really, I want to know!! Because I bet my imagination is worse and it will bug me.

  2. I want to know too. And your brother is hot...even with the eyepatch ;). I got new sunglasses for my birthday!

  3. Those are really cool sunglasses. I've always bought cheap ones, because I lose or break them really quickly, but I just realized I've had my current pair for about 5 years. I guess I can handle the responsibility of good ones now.

  4. Dag,

    the b/w photo needs a little touch-up with PS. I mean, c'mon there is hairy something on Ralf's back which needs to go!
    By the way: Ralf looks good with any kind of sunglasses.

    Hope you returned well.
    It was nice meeting you again here in Germany.
    b rgds and take care