Saturday, May 2, 2009


Tomorrow the whole family will participate at the Run for the Zoo.
Wyatt and the kids will walk one mile and I will do the timed 5 k run.
This is real special to me, it will be my first event of that kind, called 'Volkslauf' in German. My father ran plenty of those and naturally I have been thinking of him a lot, when I was training the past weeks. I felt like I had to do something special for him - and myself. Just a few days ago I had the perfect idea and today Fiona and me decorated our t-shirts.

I feel peace now. Have a good Sunday, I know I will!

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  1. OK. So you're done now. Did you place in your age category, oh fleet of foot one? Even if you didn't, I hope you and the family had a great time running for Opa. It's an awesome event (but then I'm biased...I was race director for three years...hardest job I ever had, but one of the funnest and most rewarding).