Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Wow, another year has passed and I am participating for the third time in our community Studio Tour. Very excited about this, you may remember, it is one of my dreams come true.. *sigh*
Ah well. 

And have I been busy! 
I have dyed yarn.

I have been knitting.

 A lot.

There will be fingerless gloves galore, made from wool yarn, the above hand dyed alpaca yarn and for the first time a significant amount of  what I call "the Sheep's Finest"- those gloves, that are made from hand spun yarn from hand dyed fibers.

I have made a few shorty shrugs, since everyone seems to love them.

This one the tiniest version, possibly for a 3 year old.

You'll see vintage buttons, where they work, sometimes adding that perfect something to a piece.

Grown-up size shorty shrug and my personal favorite...

Have I ever mentioned that I love my button collection? Believe me, you have not seen the half of it!

For the makers themselves there will be hand spun yarns

and - even more basic - hand dyed roving for a discounted price at this one event.

Last but not least another crowd pleaser - zippered pouches!

 If you need more info, addresses and such, they are available on the community website.

 I sure hope I will see you on Saturday! Do stop by!