Monday, May 3, 2010

red, pink and green

Time flies when you are busy doing fun stuff, like watching your son sing a solo as Fizzy in Bugsy Malone, his final Elementary School musical, going thriftstore digging with your favorite hunting buddy (my mom!) and participating in the Run for the Zoo.
But then there is the dark side, when you try hard not to be too grumpy, because you missed the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fair AGAIN, while other people, like Mary leisurely indulge in that fantastic event ($$+^%&^$&^**@) and get to enjoy some high quality fiber shopping time!

But I have been playing, too.
I had opened one of the cupboards in the laundry room and "found" some left over acid dyes, so speedyquick did I get the dye crockpot from the garage and went for it.
I gathered some of my recycled woolen fabrics for rug hooking and some plain beige singles wool yarn.

I added some fresh dyes, working in the kitchen as usual, and thinking a lot of Cathy of the Orange Sink as mine turned more and more green and red.

The results were gorgeous yarns and spotty and variegated wool fabrics, mainly greens, reds and pinks. - That is one thing that never fails to cheer me up and to make my day, the colorful results of some fun with dyes!

Who could have waited for the next rug hooking session with access to a cutter?! Not me, no, no.
No patience.
I made this small design, drew it right onto the linen, traced it with sharpie, cut some strips with the rotary cutter and got going.

I think the color of the heart is perfect!


  1. Well you done good girl! The colors will make your precious little design sing!! I am so honored to have you mention me in your blog and the link to mine! Wow, I think that is the first time that ever happened! You have inspired me to get back to the dye pots myself soon. I am so happy when I'm dyeing......tried to word that differently.....LOL. I will eagerly wait to see the progress on your rug and hope your green sink can be restored to it's original color!! xxoo Thank-you my friend! Cathy G

  2. LOL. And we could have had so much fun together suffering heat stroke at MDSW! The heart is perfect and wait a second...YOU CAN DYE WOOL IN AN OLD CROCK POT?????? I didn't know that! I have never dyed wool because it seems like a lot of work but I have an old crock pot! How How How did you do it because your colors are gorgeous! I'm completely jealous!

  3. Oh you ambitious girl! I really need to start doing my own dyeing. I've just done a little, but you make it look so easy!