Wednesday, August 4, 2010

short and sweet

We have been back from Maui for a while now and there would be so much to tell about those 10 days.

However, my days are busy and by the time I get some quiet PC time my words seem to be all used up.....

Maui is beautiful! We drove 800 miles on the island and saw... a lot!

I started a new knitting project, too.

It was all good.


  1. Your pictures speak a glorious vacation! Well said!
    Cathy G

  2. Hiliebe Dag,
    da muss ich an Lothars PC um bei dir zu Posten.
    So schöne Maui Bilder, da lacht mein Reiseherz.
    Die Reise ist bestimmt ganz toll gewesen.
    Hug Doris

  3. Holy, moly.

    You don't need words with pics like that.

    I'll be showing this to The Mr. so we can plan our next get-away.

  4. Who needs words?! Those photos say it all! And I loved that you end with your knitting. Perfect getaway.....


  5. Oh wow~ Beautiful place. Semi-jealous. Someday I'll acutally go to Hawaii and then I'll truly be envious when I see gorgeous shots like these. :)