Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Earl and Princess

I would like to introduce you to some dear friends of mine, Princess and Earl.

Would you please let that name roll on your tongue!

Earl. King of the Meadow. His Royal Highness of the Enchanted Pasture.

At the beginning of the summer my fiberjunkie friend Amber and I embarked on a new and exciting journey. We bought Earl's and Princess' fluff, both Rambouillet sheep, which are descendant from the famous Spanish Merino sheep (read here for details of the history - actually quite interesting if you like sheep!).
You get the picture? These guys have soft wool. Really soft.

Long staple length, a real nice crimp and a beautiful very-close-to-white color.

We meticulously sorted the fleece, discarding the unusable parts, which are - to make it simple - those attached to the lower and especially the rear parts of the sheep.

This took quite some time. The girlie was declared Sheep Queen of High Desert.

A few weeks and some patient waiting later we got the fluff back from processing at Spinderella's Fiber Mill.
Living in a house containing these white clouds and dyes and not touching them is like sitting next to chocolate and just looking.
Not possible.

So see what's been cooking in my kitchen lately!
Hope your life is as colorful as mine these days!


  1. bah! YOU have no restraint. That fleece was sitting in bags in my bedroom for WEEKS while I patiently waited for you to take a look. All I did was pull out a tiny end and give it a feel and a little sniff (mmmm sheepy). :)

    Of course, shortly after I got it back from Spinderella's I decided I NEEDED to skirt my last fleece.

  2. Wow, how jealous I am right now!!! All that lucious fiber! Piles of gorgeous white fluff--wish I could have joined you in all the fun. I need to get dying and spinning!


  3. My life would be as colorful as the rainbow. I would have to get dying together with my nephew surely she would enjoy.

  4. Toll,
    ich bin in Polen und schaue mir gerade deinen Blog an. Irre Wolle und schaut so soft aus.
    Das war bestimmt viel Arbeit, in deiner Garage.
    Liebe Gruesse Doris

  5. This process is so cool. Beautiful.