Monday, October 25, 2010

no peeking

Thanks for all your kind compliments, yes, the studio tour went very well!
It really got me in the groove and so I'm just keeping it coming, reducing the PC time in favor of my sewing machine and the knitting needles.

The zippered pouches really got me these days with their endless possible fabric combinations.

I enjoy going through my fabric stash, combining themed designs with colorful patterns, choosing flannel or vintage velvet for the lining and digging in the stash of vintage ribbons for the little tag loops.
The Olivia pencil pouch would be my favorite kid themed one. That fabric is just too nice in its blue and off-white simplicity.

Here blues on the back and flannel peace with an orange bang on the inside.

Now this one... what can I say...
It is one of my alltime favorite fabrics!

I love the combination with a rather conventional, traditionally pretty design - makes for a pleasant surprise when you flip it over!

The birthday of a very good friend of mine is coming up. Since she is a hardcore zippered pouch user, I knew what I had to make once I got my hands on this fabric:

I've named it the "girlfriend pouch" --- or "ants in my pants", since the back features tiny ants zooming around on those pretty blue swirls.

The beauty is lined with some vintage velvety corduroy, yum.
Happy birthday, Ann!


  1. Wowza! I can see why you're having so much fun with those zippered pouches! They are great! What a nice gift to give and receive! I love all those different combinations. Glad the studio tour went well! We need those positive events to keep us inspired!
    Happy sewing!
    Cathy G

  2. They are such great bags! They look like they are about the size of the bags I make for the tic-tac-toe games. I like making them too - fast and fun to sew (and use). I have been busy with clay and having the best time! I'm completely addicted! Speaking of clay my dear - what happened to you sending me the samples of yarn that you used for those sweaters way back when so we could figure out what kind of buttons you want?

  3. Your fabric choices are wonderful! I really love the way you mix them all up. Also, very cute tag you have sewn in. Fabulous!

  4. I love diese Täschchen, besonders den "Kerl"
    der passt so gut zu den Cowgirls.
    Hug Doris