Friday, October 12, 2012

you and me

What a busy summer it was! It feels good to be getting back to normal life and to slow down!
School is in full swing, thank you very much, and after three years that I have not seen her, my dear friend Doris is visiting - yeah! 

 One highlight of her visit has been the hook-in of our guild in Belen.
A day spent with friends, meeting nice fiber folks who share the same passion, you get the picture...!

Doris even started working on a little hooking project, a heart, and did very well!

 I badly wanted a special project for this special day and finally started my large rug after drawings by my kids. Hopefully I will soon be able to show more.

I started with one of Fiona's butterflies.

 I so fell in love with this rug, pattern designed by Darlene, one of my local guild friends.

Bought the pattern, yeah!!


  1. Love it to be at your house.
    Es ist so schööööööööööööööö bei dir/euch.
    Leider rennt die Zeit.
    Doch wir machen viele schöne Sachen.....

    Love you

  2. Dag,
    I am so excited to see a post!! Oh my goodness your hooking guild looks like soooooo much fun! And look at Doris..... her heart and colors look wonderful! I LOVE your hair Dag!! You look beautiful as ever!!
    I look forward to seeing more of your rug and design! And I like that pattern too! What a great design! Hope your Autumn is a happy one!!
    Cathy G