Saturday, December 8, 2012


No, this post is not about Thanksgiving, ah well, maybe just a bit, but mainly I want to thank all my sweet, kind and wonderful friends! Your encouragement, your time and last but not least your support by shopping at the studio tour means so much to me! You blew me away - thank you from the bottom of my heart!

 The truth is that just a few days ago I have sold the last pair of my circle of fingerless gloves, would you believe that? And we are still two weeks away from Christmas! That's a first! 

And that is not all, because I will be busy until January with several fun custom orders, among them three adult cardigans!

For the Thanksgiving Holiday we went to Tucson, Arizona and that meant quite a drive and quite some knitting time. Fiona had asked for a new pair of fingerless gloves and since the hand dyed and hand spun alpaca yarn she had picked was so yummy and the color way so much fun, I used the rest for a pair for myself.

Back home I finished a third pair, similar color way... present for a friend, sssshhh! Don't tell!

Seeing the saguaros was amazing...

All together a great vacation!

I wish you all a very happy and very stress free holiday season, are you all on elves duty? 
I know I am still working on some Christmas presents. 
No peeking!


  1. What a cute picture of the kitty in the midst of all those gloves!! I need to get a pair of those! Your daughter is so pretty and has a great smile just like you!
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  2. Hi Dag,
    I am so happy you had such great success with your studio tour! Those fingerless gloves are gorgeous! No wonder they went like hot cakes! It's always a good thing to have those special orders.... you know..... for the long winter ahead! Love your smiling portrait! Will be thinking of you this Holiday season and wishing I was there with you....... especially after tomorrow. We are expecting our first major snow storm of the season, from 4-6 inches and high winds. A white Christmas for sure!!!
    Cathy G

  3. I love those gloves - That last pair are so pretty! I'm glad you had such a great studio tour and a fun vacation!! My dream is to live in Arizona...maybe one day. Happy Holidays! x Mary