Monday, March 3, 2014

braided colors of New Mexico

Encouraged by some kind fiber enthusiastic friends on Instagram I spent the Sunday afternoon handling fluff, taking pictures, indulging in colors, naming color ways and sorting wool. 
Which was a good thing, considering our heat system failed on us and the only current heat source is the fire place in the living room. *sigh*
So my Etsy shop has been updated with lots of colorful fluff, some of the last mystery pencil roving, a blend of all kinds of fiber from alpaca to yak (you never know exactly what you get, cause my New Mexican fiber mill doesn't tell me!) and my personal current favorite, Churro lamb, which is fluffy with a bit of fuzz and squishy and super soft. 

Thank you to all of you sweet folks who already took the chance and shopped! One of the braids named "Ice queen" will even be traveling to Norway!

Now if I could just go and snuggle up in the wool like Ike until the plumber comes…!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. So pretty, Dag! I'll have to pop by your shop and see what you have left!
    So sorry your heat is out, that's never fun. We've had to keep warm by a fireplace before and lots of wool is a must! :)

  2. Can't wait for it to get here Dag! Hope you are keeping warm! So glad you have ventured into the land of Etsy... HINT~ your project bags are beyond wonderful!

  3. Oh..... go ahead and climb right in there with Ike! So inspiring, such gorgeous colors!

  4. Liebe Dag,
    Das otronge und das lindgrün sind meine Favoriten. Toll, daraus einen dicken Schal.....
    Hug Doris