Thursday, July 16, 2009

big impact

Fiona has a tendency to attach artwork to her door, when it comes to events of public interest. During election time last November she put up a sign that read "You may only come in if you vote for Obama". Neat, huh?!

Seems that I am not always watching too closely what my kids are doing/drawing, it took me more than a week to spot this on her door:

In case you wonder, it reads "Michael Jackson is dead". Little stinker spelled it perfectly fine, too.

And this is what has been on my mind or better in my hands these days. The yarn is a blend of organic cotton, soy and bamboo (Linea Pura, Lana Grossa), great feel for a summer project, when it's up to 97 F outside.
Even though the orange bolero has been calling with unfinished sleeves, this is the preferred choice of knitting, I still have not given up hope to be done with it on time for our Hawaii vacation next week.

Pattern from the German magazine 'Stricktrends' switched to an all solid version:

Pretty neat, too.

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  1. I think this interest Fi has in current events and illustration of them is really fantastic and to be encouraged -- I'm sure you do. It seems to me likely to be the kind of interest that will find its way into her adult life. I'm VERY impressed in her interest in the larger world at such a tender age. And of course, I love her politics!