Saturday, July 4, 2009

yarn and boots

The annual Germany visit also included a lot of knitting (okay, okay, you know me, yarn shopping as well).. While the kids snuggled with grandma at night, I listened to audiobooks and I knitted. Usually for hours in a row, sometimes until midnight or even past. So there are finally finished projects to show.
The first one is knitted from the top down with a cotton-rayon blend yarn, that I had gotten just recently at the Abq Fiberarts Fiesta. Great yarn, the cardigan is a bit heavy though. I still love how it turned out, longer than a lot of what I've previously made since I just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn.

Then there are these, so far made in four out of the five colorways that I purchased at my favorite yarn store in Germany:

(No, you counted right, no pictures yet of either the fourth finished or the fifth wip bolero.)

And since Fiona then wished for a short bolero with ties as well I came up with this girlie version:

Why the cowboy hat, you may have wondered. I had to have a southwestern photoshoot, because I finally found them. THE boots. No, I was not in any way hunting, the plan was to shop for cowboyboots with Suzanne. Seriously. And then we went to Taos over the weekend and while strolling through town we came upon this cool place called "Horse & Feathers - pre-loved hats and boots".

They jumped on my feet. It was love at first sight. This is it. Finally I found the perfect match.

Aren't they beautiful?
I. Love. Them.
And yes, Uwe, I promise I will grease them up good, I can tell they need it. After all these babies were handmade in the 40s.

And sorry again Suzanne, it was not my fault. We will shop together for yours. I promise!

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  1. I forgive you - they're too beautiful to pass....and mine are out there, waiting for me to stumble upon them!!