Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have yet to mention what gave me the energy to write not just one, but even two posts in one day/in the middle of the night yesterday. It is a story of arrival and growing roots.

In the course of the two years that we have lived in Albuquerque I have come to meet quite a few wonderful, creative and talented women, some through school/kids, some in places as odd as Trader Joe's or Furr's, through the shared passion for knitting/sewing/crafting or at Hip Stitch.

I love them all, different as they are, all beautiful, energetic, inspiring and with a great sense of humor!

Just this summer after I came back from Germany I was greated with the warmest embraces, enthusiasm and thoughtful phonecalls. I realized - maybe for the first time in a very conscious way -, that I had found true friends and that Albuquerque now really has become home!

A few months before that I had started first Friday/scrap'n knit (or as Karen calls it "happy scrappy"!) craft night and started gathering these women once a month in our house. Mostly it is a group of about 10 women, and we do all sorts of crafts, scrapbooking, card making, embroidery, knitting, you name it.

I think I can safely say that we all treasure this event, the talks, showing off the latest projects, just being together.
Last night was one of those evenings, and while I did not get a lot done on my knitting project, I felt happy, content and energized after everyone had left.

At some point I was asked, if I'd ever like to go back to Germany to live there. I answered, that I am very happy, where I am. I said "I love America and America..?" I stopped to think and then Fiona filled in for me and said "...and America loves you!".

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  1. you brought more tears to my eyes, like last night as we were talking!! You are such a blessing to me!