Friday, August 28, 2009

On the crafty side...

You may know, that I knit a lot on our vacations. (No, I won't tell you how much yarn I take along - you may tell on me!)
Hawaii provided lots of high quality knitting time even though there was not a whole lot of beach time, because you need to drive quite a bit to get around. Big Island, as in BIG island, duh.

I finished these, first to be admired, ahem, seen here a long time ago.

Next was this, the beginning stages to be seen here. While making socks can get boring on me - even with the most exciting yarn - this little thingie was all fun. The feel, drape and color of the cotton/soy/bamboo blend by Lana Grossa are just awesome and it wears beautifully!

The real thing looks much better, trust me.

I also whipped out this little girls bolero for my cousins sweet daughter Emilia. The yarn was certainly nothing fancy, but soft and cuddly. And that is what matters, believe me! - I learned it the hard way!

I think she liked it.

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