Saturday, October 10, 2009

favorite Friday

Once a year in October Albuquerque belongs to the balloonies.

For one week in the mornings we get to enjoy the view of the city with the sky filled with plenty of beautiful colorful balloons, high count of this year being close to 50 at a time - according to Fiona.

This is just the 3rd October that we have lived in Albuquerque, and I believe we are on the way to develop a new family tradition.
On Balloon Fiesta Friday we get up as early as 5.30am, leave the house without breakfast (ouch), take the shuttle bus from Hoffmanntown Church to the Balloon Fiesta Park, get a breakfast burrito (me)/funnelcake (Lewis)/cinnamon roll (Fiona)/snack from everyone else (my friend Doris, who is visiting from Germany right now) and watch the rise-and-shine of the special shape balloons.

It is a spectacular sight!

As to be expected I was thrilled to see some German balloons.
One of them had the shape of what was possibly the Reichstag in Berlin and was promoting a famous beer brand.
There was also a balloon shaped like what we call a "Bembel", a pitcher traditionally used to serve applewine in Frankfurt/Hessen, which is really close to where I was born and raised, yeah.
However, I must admit, that I find it odd, that Germany was represented by nothing but alcohol sponsored balloons. Germany may be famous for good beer and whatever other alcoholic beverages, but there is so much more, that makes Germany special.
Trust me.


  1. Hey! We were there too. How in the world did we miss you (heh, heh)? That's the Brandenberg (sp?) Gate...per the fiesta announcer. :)

  2. We were in Albuquerque for one day before driving up to Santa Fe and Taos. LOVED the balloons. We could see them from my friend's yarn in Rio Rancho! Very fun!

  3. I love the giant jack o lantern!