Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I stand corrected by - ahem - not by my German, but an American friend (thank you, Amber), who kindly informed me, that what I named the Reichstag was in fact the Brandenburger Tor.

My house is dusty and will stay dusty for a week longer than anticipated. The company that delivered the wood messed up and we ran short. But well, we have not gotten the oil finish yet either, a product from Germany, that seems to be sold out all over the US at this point, so what the...

At the same time normal life somehow goes on and Fiona's fieldtrip brought us yesterday to Wagner Farm in Corrales. Don't we all love pumpkin pictures?

There is some knitting happening, too, almost finished fingerless gloves from handspun 2-ply yarn. I just need to weave in the ends.

A new project was started from bulky 2-ply handspun, a buttersoft blend of kid mohair and romney, to become a sleeveless vest in a design that I have been breeding over for quite a while now: long, just one huge button for closure at the neckline, the details will be developed as I go.

Sewing machine and ironing board found a current home in the low dust kitchen area and I was able to finally finish the birthday gift for my friend Mitchi in Maryland, this zippered pouch: vintage fabric, hand emboidered initials on linen, dark green velvet lining.

Doris, who will be taking off for Germany today, got a private lesson on sewing zippered pouches and surprised me yesterday with this lovelyness:

Thank you, Doris, and bye-bye 'til next year!


  1. Busy, busy, aren't you? So many great projects, so many happy days!

  2. Those purses are lovely and so is your handspun.

    But I must clarify...I didn't KNOW it was the Brandenburg Gate (Tor)...I heard it on the announcements. Really I'm just your garden variety American weenie who doesn't know much about anywhere else. :)