Wednesday, February 24, 2010

working hard

I just got the latest fiber order in. Gorgeous mohair fluff from Kid Hollow Farm in Virginia, where Pat does a fantastic job of dyeing the fibers and creating gorgeous color combinations. If you are a spinner you MUST check out their fibers, there is nothing comparable available in New Mexico.
While I have been knitting a lot of fingerless mittens this winter, the ones that I made from the handspun yarn from their stuff were my favorites.
Not that I ran out of fibers (are you kidding? Me? Never!), but I swear, this stuff is like chocolate, totally addictive, you can never get enough and you always want to try new flavors/colorways. I got a bunch of new colors for fingerless mitts similar to these on Flickr, that will be available for sale. Send me an email, if you'd like to preorder mittens in a certain colorway.

And this lovelyness, a whole pound, has my name on it - these are so my colors, and I'm thinking sleeveless sweater??!!

This morning I was leisurely strolling through the house (yeah, right, leisurely!), when something moving on the floor caught my eye. I'm thinking "Dead spider? Moving? Not possible." I take a closer look and I see this tiny ant, no not a carpenter humungo-guy, but a little sugar ant dragging the dead corpse of a spider along, attached is a tiny bit of wool fluff, too.

I watched it for a long time, tried to capture a good shot (hard!) and was just amazed.
Somehow this also reminded me of myself in front of all those mountains of fibers!
Tonight the spider corpse has vanished, and I have a date with my wheel.

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