Sunday, March 21, 2010

goals and plans

The wheel is spinning.
Nine rosy ounces have been spun, plied and washed. I still adore this yarn and wish the color would work for me.

I remembered that I had already made a piece of clothing from a previously spun sample and searched the archives.
A sweater for Irmchen in 2008.

The actual yarn color is somewhere in the middle between the sweater and the finished skein. I'm working on the color thing, got me Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and have yet to get started with it, I'm thinking next week when the kids are back in school.

While I am stalking the mail man, I pretend to track my package of blues across the country as it makes its way from Virginia. Since Pat mailed it on Wednesday I have been wondering where it is. Maybe it is spending the Sunday in Arkansas? Or Tennessee?

My goal is to have my roses all spun up by the time the two pounds of blue fluff arrive, so I don't need to feel guilty, when I dive into the blue right away. Another rosy nine ounces of finished yarn are soaking in hot soapy water right now (I use Eucalan in case you wonder), but there is still some more raw fluff waiting at the wheel.

I also have to confess, that I started a new project. Spring did it!
This week, when temperatures went up into the 60s, we were about to head out to the playground and I had to decide what project to take. I was in the mood for spring and summer colors and fibers, so the bright pink cotton from the stash (thank you, Goodwill, for high quality Italian yarn for a ridiculously cheap price!) was a quick choice and I decided to give it a go with a pattern from an older Verena, that I've had on my to-do-list for a while.
Now the plan for this is to knit at least a few rows every day, to keep it growing steadily. So far I more than stuck to my plan and I really like it.

Speaking of growth reminds me. - I bought an Apricot tree yesterday.
Two years ago we planted a fig tree in the protected area in front of the house, apparently it would not do good with our heavy spring winds anywhere else, and right now I'm holding my fingers crossed that it made it through our tough long winter.Until now it did not carry any figs.
I have always wanted a real fruit tree, maybe apples, cherries, peaches or - apricots. A tree that grows big and strong, where the kids can climb onto, or tie a hammock into the branches, but so far the time never seemed to be right.
That we are finally planting our tree shows me how much our family has grown roots and how much we look forward to our future here.
Right now I cannot imagine living anywhere else than the Southwest. I am still so in love with Albuquerque and New Mexico!


  1. oooh, I love that pink you spun and the pink you are knitting. Love love love them! and just so you know...I look GREAT in pink. Just sayin'. :O)

  2. You have been busy. Your handspun looks beautiful. It will make a perfect gift I am sure.

  3. Deinen blog über Angela gefunden, toll, einfach toll, besonders die tollen Landschaftsbilder und die wolligen Sachen

    Liebe Grüße

  4. thanks to all for the kind comments!! danke auch an dich, karin!

  5. Hallo!
    Ich freue mich das du mich gefunden hast:))
    Ich bin auch von deine Familie und von deinen Leben sehr begeistert .Du bist eine sehr tolle Mutter und Frau.Ich habe dein Blog von Anfang bis zu ende gelesen ,sehr schön.