Friday, March 5, 2010


There once was a little pencil.

He lived happily with his two kids, who used him for their homework. But the little pencil always thought there was something missing and that he was meant for something grand, he just did not know what that would be. He felt a strong desire to stand out among his brothers and sisters, who all looked exactly like him. Yellow.

Then one day, the little girl chose him and started putting fluff around him.
He said 'hey, that tickles!', but she did not listen. She drenched him in hot water, put a lot of soap on him as if he was not clean and kept on rolling and rolling him in a tight mat!

He had to spend the whole night drying, not quite sure what was happening until this morning he was grabbed and put in the spotlight for photo after photo.

Now he knew, that he was really special, after all he was ...... Cinderfelto!

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