Thursday, March 3, 2011


February had a happy ending with a happy son.

I finished his second pair of socks, the Zauberball ones, on a weekend trip.

He had to try them on right away.


And March started off really good, too.
I met deadlines, finishing my inventory sheet for the Spider's Market, a guild event coming up March 25 and 26 at the Albuquerque Garden Center.
If you love fiber arts, handmade artsy crafty stuff or anything fiber related, you do not want to miss this!
Sheep on a Spring will be represented with yarn, spinning fibers, knitted stuff and more.
For the first time I have assembled these precious little packages... dyed wool fabrics for rug hooking or applique needlework. Don't they look yummy?
The star mat is blocked and patiently awaits finishing of the edge. It is one of the hooked rugs that will be displayed at the 2011 Fiber Arts Fiesta in May. - Picture submitted, another deadline met.

I hooked the last loops close to midnight the other day, because I really wanted to block the mat asap.
This view awaited me in the morning:

The frame did not stay empty for long, woolens were stripped, a design that had been lingering in my mind was transferred onto linen and today I started.

The perfect project for this time of the year, spring is in the air.
And look what came in the mail!

This delightful package arrived from Maryland for Fiona and me to share.
It held letters and gifts from the Kiln for both of us!
Fiona is thrilled about her new penfriend, my friend Mary's daughter. This is so sweet to watch, it reminds me of the beginnings of my treasured friendship with my French penfriend Isa so many years ago. Now we are both married, both have kids of our own...*sigh*

Fiona calls her bracelet from Kellie her lucky charm and gives me reasons why - of course - it has already helped her for real!
And this is my beautiful goodie - this gorgeous pendant... Mary, I adore your work, you are so incredibly talented!
My first thought was, this is my new sun and I had to bring it out in the garden to hold it up in the blue New Mexican sky in front of our mountains.

Last, but certainly not least, there was another sweet gift. Just this morning my rug hooking friend Mary surprised me with this fuzzy little guy for my sheep/tool collection...

Thank you, my friends!!


  1. Liebe Dag!
    Ich möchte mich bei Dir auch mal melden und dich herzlich begrüßen!
    Danke für deinen Lob und liebe Kommentare,bei mir ist Ostern ausgebrochen,aber bald gibt es auch neue Taschen;))
    Diese Rag-technik(knüpfen?)gefällt mir sehr.

  2. Hola Dag,
    da hast du wieder schön gearbeitet. Super Socken, süßes Schaf ;-)
    Ich würde so gerne mitkommen ins ABQ Garden Center.
    Hug Doris

  3. I am so glad you like the pendant. I was reading your post just now while Kellie is eating her breakfast - she was so excited to see Fiona wearing the bracelet! And the colors of your wool bundles Holy Schmoly! they are gorgeous! Your rug hooking is so perfect - love the flower you are working on. Good luck with the Spider's Market! have a terrific weekend!

  4. Hi Dag,
    Oh WHY do you have to live so far away!? Your wool packets look awesome! Your rugs are beautiful! Love the colors in your new one!
    Good luck with the markets and shows! Your work is outstanding!
    Cathy G

  5. I love it all!! New socks, beautiful wool, gifts from friends......sigh.... would love to go the Spiders Market. Sounds like just my thing! Mary's gift to you is so pretty. As are your current rug hooking projects!

  6. Everything looks so fun and fantastic! You and your friends are so talented. Le sigh.