Friday, February 18, 2011


O, the days when I get to play...

I promised pictures of happenings in my house, but no, I did not do any kind of painting or redecorating, I dyed more rovings!

And I scoured some gifted raw fleece (thanks again to my rughooking friend Mary!) and I dyed some more, woolen fabrics for rug hooking this time.

There was wool everywhere - my idea of heaven!

So the kitchen was transformed into a dye studio again, no surface spared.

And the bathroom floors were not spared either - my giant drying rack.

I have yet to take a good shot of the various woolens fabrics, but pardon me for being distracted. My knitting neighbor friend Ellen is moving permanently to Florida and gave my her woolen treasures as a gift!
So now the living room is covered in yarns, too - can you even believe this?!

Here some of my favorites:

I keep cruising the balls, sorting a bit here and there, touching yarns and wondering what I might wanna create...
Heaven indeed!
Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Coole Auswahl!!!
    Da hätte ich wieder Lust ein Kreativabend bei dir einzulegen.
    Hug Doris