Monday, February 14, 2011


Boy, that was a fast week.
So many things that I need to show.

Let's go, but beware - picture heavy post!

Last week brought more joy in a box:

A cutter for rug hooking.

And a very fine one, too!

It has already been put to work and the star rug, our current guild project, is growing.

And growing.
Have I ever mentioned how good it feels to the bare feet to stand on a hooked rug? One day I will make a biiiig rug!

The pink ballet wrap is all done.

If you want to see it for real you should come to the Yarn Store at Nob Hill. I will be teaching this in a class there soon.

A green Ballet wrap #2 is in the make.

Last, but not least there is our newest family member Munchkin.

While Romeo finally found a more suitable home in Santa Fe (where he is not being harrassed by a fellow feline..), harmony has been achieved here as well.
Munchie fits right in with our gang.
I know I know, it's a crappy dark picture, but I just could not bother them with a flash..!
And yes, Ikie, you are cute, too.

More to come soon, since you have yet to get an idea of how magically/brutally I manage to transform parts of this house, when I am in a crafty and colorful mood.
Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!


  1. What a sweet gift to yourself!! Having that wonderful cutter should put your rug hooking pleasure through the roof!
    Your kids and fur kids are the cutest ever!
    Happy Valentines to all of you!
    Can't wait to see what you are doing with your house!
    Cathy G

  2. It looks so soft - I love the green you are using for the second one too. I have always wanted a wool cutter - I'm convinced that I would be super productive in the rug hooking department if I didn't have to cut the strips by hand. I like the star rug so far. Pretty colors.

    Happy Valentine's Day!