Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sneak peek

The race is on, I am knitting and sewing as much as I can to finish as much as possible for the studio tour.

Mark your calendars, Albuquerque folks, High Desert Studio Tour coming up on October 15th from 10.00 'til 5.00.

It still means so much to me to be participating in an event like this, it is a long dream come true. For the third time.

When our kids were little we would visit a studio tour in Maryland. Lots of green countryside, lots of driving through rolling hills, lots of beautiful places with talented folks making art with glass, clay and - you guessed it - fibers. My favorite place was always Dancing Leaf Farm, the artist Dalis being the gifted, energetic and colorful owner, inspiring and creative with everything she touches and a studio and little store, that just made you wanna sit down and knit, crochet, spin or felt with her. Being far from Maryland now, I have not been to her studio in years, but we are still in touch, still friends, and Dalis even stopped by last year for a visit here in Albuquerque.

Since our move to New Mexico four years ago I am lucky to have a studio of my own, that makes me happy and inspires me. The kids are bigger, I have more time to myself, more time to create, and the yarn stash... well, let's not get into that, friends.
So I have ventured out of the house to offer my fiber art and people seem to like it. When the idea for the High Desert Studio Tour came up I was in and have been ever since. Some very talented folks open their houses and it is fun to look at their work spaces, their creations and possibly to shop. Nothing wrong with Christmas shopping in October, right?!
Start the tour at my home, there will be maps, or check out the whole thing on the High Desert website here. - See y'all!

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