Sunday, November 6, 2011


New yarn has cometh to this home.

Is it truly needed? - Heck, no! But I got it anyways. You know, if our heater ever dies on us, we'll just cover the living room floor with wool and bury ourselves in the piles. I'll be darned if we could not make it through the whole winter that way!

Pretty, right?! And I'll keep it all for myself, ha.

With my Thursday rughookers gang I have started a new little mat, funny what happened to Mary's strips after she cut them.

We are learning a new technique, where the ends stay in the back of the work for a change.

Pumpkin done!

In between I made this cool strip holder, had all the materials at home. This turned out really great.

And I just love how sometimes you find something in your stash, that has been sitting there For-Evah - just waiting for this one special project, in this case the vintage corduroy, that I used for the outside.

That's it for today, gotta get back to work on the sofa, next time I'll show you what else I've been playing with these days.

I hope you have a good weekend, getting to do the things you love!


  1. Dag,
    I think I need to fly out there and help you play with all that wool!!! Love the pumpkin and you have to tell me how the ends are finished on the back! Looks awesome!
    That wool strip saver is great! Would make a good gift for a hooker don't you think?
    Happy creating!!
    Cathy G