Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you are allergic to cats you might click away at this point, because it is all about my furry friends today.

They do share my passion for all things wooly and sure look adorable in the fluff!

Munchkin and Ike take turns with their naps in the pile of dyed roving on the couch.

Ike never fails to find new wooly nap spots - skeins of yarn in the studio in this case!

And then there is hooking - looks like an almost finished hooked mat is irresistible.

Lots of floor space, but it's got to be the mat!

The mat is on the frame? Who cares - let's get on it!

You get a glimpse of Rudi - I am working on the border now and I am getting close to the end - patience, my friends, picture will follow when I am done.

The other day I got a treasure chest in the mail. Well, actually it was a package from my friend Ulrike with belated birthday gifts (lots of wonderful wooly goodies!) and again the furry guys were all over it.

Silly Ike even stole one of the cute little mohair chicks - I guess he took it for a mouse!

Last, but not least some hooking without cats! Here is my eye of New Mexico.

You may remember that I am working on a response rug project with my friend Amy in Virginia. When I had completed the addition to her mat, I had to start a mat that will be mine in the end. (Finally I can talk about this here because she has received the package with this.)

I wanted to incorporate something about New Mexico, because we both not only share a love for rug hooking, but for the Land of Enchantment as well. We see New Mexico with similar love, through similar eyes, this is how my idea evolved. I am very happy with the result.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your cats are great! and such beautiful yarn.

  2. You would think they are Wisconsin cats with the way they take to your wool!!! They are gorgeous kitties as is the yarn!! Can't wait to see the finished hooked piece!! It looks great what I can see so far!!
    Have fun with those projects!!! All so inspiring!!!
    Cathy G