Wednesday, February 1, 2012

colors and loops

This is what I have been spending my time with. I have dyed loads of spinning fibers for the yarn store at Nob Hill. Didn't my bathroom look pretty?

The first load has already been delivered, mainly rambouillet fine wool, and there will be some more mystery roving coming, that I still need to bundle up and label.

Ike always enjoys when the fibers are out. He picks a napping spot right on top of the fluff. Always.

Dyeing the fibers brought me to another UFO, which slept in the closet since last Christmas season, yep, twenty-ten.
Somehow this is a repeating pattern in my life... I get to a holiday and wish I had started hooking a holiday theme early enough to be done by then, but I have not! I had started Rudolf about 2 weeks before Christmas and put him away when I took down the Christmas decorations, nose and face only were done.

I have decided to finish him now and dyed the purple and blueish white woolens for him.

Last night Lewis asked me, why Rudi's antlers are purple, choosing his words quite carefully (he did not want me to be offended and/or think that he doesn't like it). I told him I chose an unexpected color to add that extra interest. - That he asked showed that it is doing its purpose, right?!

Rudi will be ready next Christmas. Maybe I will hook a little Valentines mat in March?


  1. Hola Dag,
    so schöne Wolle. Toll gemacht, kann mir vorstellen, wie du immer mit leuchtenden Augen ins Bad bist.
    Hug Doris

  2. Yes, your bathroom looked amazing!!

    Blessings, Debbie