Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a few more

My thoughts still wander quite a bit to this special little trip to Germany.
Just a few more pictures before we get back to regular business, okay?

The actual birthday party was great.

For some weird reason my outfit matched the table decor. And no, I have no clue what I was talking about when my brother snapped this picture.

The food was delicious, from appetizer to dessert.

It was really cold, so mom had no excuse and wore all her new hand knits when we went for a little walk!

We met my brother to get her actual gift - a new bicycle. When it is not pouring or freezing she runs all her errands by bike!

Wyatt and the kids sent flowers.

Of course I visited my local yarn store and shopped just a teeny bit. I made four cowls in two days, two of which I ended up giving to my nieces because they liked them so much, one I kept for myself and one will be a birthday gift for a friend - modeled here by mom.

It was all good.

Don't you agree, she looks fantastic and not her age at all!


  1. Your mom looks amazzing and so do you. Love the colours on you when you supposedly matched the table setting.