Friday, July 9, 2010

almost ready

Too bad this is the last batch of dresses, because by now my girl actually enjoys modeling for me -- even though she'd never admit that she does!

This one is obviously way too big, would be better fitting for a 10 year old. I really love how the skirt with the pocket turned out, which I incorporated from the original ladies skirt:

Glitter on this one, and an A-line skirt:

Another cute one with the tied shoulder straps, but too small for my girl:

White and pink, the hem with a silk ribbon - for all the girlie girls out there:

This last one will be indeed the last one, just needs to be assembled. I love the skirt!

--- Off to do the tags.
Wishing you all a good weekend!


  1. Great job! I can't pick a favorite because they are all just too beautiful! Your model is just too cute for words! Good luck with your show!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your great comments! You can come any time you want for a visit! Wisconsin is a lot closer than Germany you know! LOL

    Cathy G

  2. Adorable dresses! Your model looked absolutely lovely in each of them!


  3. #1...these should be made in grown up size... #2... dang you been busy! Adorable!