Saturday, July 3, 2010

fair trade

Even though my girl generally enjoys having her picture taken, she doesn't like to model in specific clothes, even more when changing is involved. And, boy, did I want her to model the new "green line" dresses for me.
I am creative, I grab a chance when I get it, so today...

"Mom, where is my bacon?" (that being said one hour after I called and asked if she wanted some)
"It's gone."
"But I wanted some!"
"Sorry, when you didn't come, we ate it all!"
"I want bacon!"

Me, in my mind "Ha!!"
Out loud "Okay, I'll fix you some bacon, but only if you model the new dresses...!"
(Sneaky, huh?!)

You have to know, that I have not made bacon in years, so the advantage was clearly on my side, the appetite for the stuff fueled by deprivation, didn't matter that it was "just" turkey bacon!

I am not yet done with my sewing, hopefully there will be more modeled shots. Probably bacon won't work, so I'll have to come up with a new tactic!
So far the purple one is her favorite, but she has already stated, that she wants all the dresses, that don't sell at the Hip Stitch "Hipsters Craft Fair"!
That's my girl...!


  1. Gorgeous little dresses and your model is adorable! Give that girl some bacon! Those dresses will sell like hotcakes! Cathy G

  2. The dresses and the model are both lovely. I'd model for bacon, too. I wandered over here from Incaknits.

  3. I love all of them! They look fantastic on her.

  4. Wow! Those are amazing!

    I love the aqua...and your girl is beautiful!

  5. One of these days---I'm a gonna feed your kids some non-turkey bacon and let them wash it down with Tang! (just kidding, unless I have your permission) :)

  6. Nice trick with the turley bacon! I am partial to the purple one, too.