Thursday, July 1, 2010

it's all about the sheep - almost

Summer break is in full swing.

The weather is splendid and perfect for daily dips in the pool. Breakfast is outside. Allways.
We stay up late and sleep in.
The kids have playdates. Almost every day.
The cats are happy, because everyone is around.

I went on my first run on the trails. Don't ask.
But it is just as beautiful as ever.

We went on a great little trip to Las Golondrinas and ran into their first ever Fiber Fest. Lots of yarn, spinning fibers and fiber related activities, including sheep shearing.
If I had to imagine a sheep shearer, he'd have to look like this gentleman, don't you agree?

Of course I could not resist and came home with more fibers, some of it I've already spun - I think even though it is just a picture, you can tell how soft this is - 100% angora fibers!

The knitting has slowed down tremendously since I'm back from Germany, three cardigans finished there, just buttons to add and I am thrilled about possibly adding some of Mary's latest creations!
I am still able to work a few stitches every day, so the next fluffyness is growing.
Also did I start sewing the "green line" dresses, where recycled fabric skirts are added on to handknit tops.
The idea to use recycled women's garment was born through my sweet Fiona's wish/demand for flowy, drapy skirts. It called for rayon fabric, but that is very hard/near impossible to find in stores. However, a lot of woman's dresses or skirts, produced f.ex. in India, are made from rayon fabric and are easily available in thrift stores, if you are willing to spend some time and effort to search, clean and reconstruct.
Usually I tend to accumulate a stash of dresses/skirts and dress tops (most of those knitted by my mom) before I start playing with different colors and patterns and try various combinations of skirts and tops, fun and definitely my favorite part in the whole process.
This is the first dress of the season.
What can I say... thank you, Goodwill!

But guess what...
I had a playdate, too.
While I was in Germany my friend Amber bought fluff - fleeces straight from the sheep, Rambouillet and Rambouillet cross, and yesterday we had our first go with the fine, soft, crimpy, smelly, greasy fluff that came from Princess. What a suitable name for the first ever bought fleece!

We worked on the husband's new ping pong table in the garage and it took us a bit over two joyful hours to sort through everything. - One fleece of four that is.
We planned to go for the next one in a week.
Earl, that'll be you!


  1. Dag,
    Those sweaters are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and how soft they look! You'll have to show us a photo of you modeling them! That is a great idea with the knitted top and rayon skirt for a dress. It must be super comfy! Looks like a lot of work to prepare that fleece! Hope you have air conditioning in that garage!
    Cathy G

  2. The sweaters are beautiful! They look so soft.

  3. This is great. I love that grey yarn! So pretty...