Sunday, January 30, 2011

not easy to please

While all things girlie are quickly demanded and the wishes easily fulfilled, the boy is another story.
He is more picky and selective and I am usually really pleased, when he wants something handmade and even more when he uses it!
And boy stuff has indeed been coming out of the bouncing sheep's studio in the past weeks!

There has been the first ever pair of boy socks, that has been worn except when it had to see the washing machine, can you tell?

In the garage there are two small bins holding my stash of sock yarn, however, for his second pair I had to get one of these:

Zauberball (yes, this is indeed what the name is!)! How can anyone resist?
I so enjoy working with this yarn, it is very soft and the color variations are really fun, however, I am a bit disappointed at slight differences in the thickness. We'll see if this will develop into a problem.
As usual Ike was very interested in what I was doing and decided to hang with the fluff.
Don't you think he looks sad?
Just like the whole family he must be grieving the loss of our sweet cat Lucky just a while ago.


I had been looking for a purpose for these japanese cotton linen blends with Lego/robot pattern for a while.

A bag for the ipad!

Note the glow-in-the-dark Fimo button...
...and the first time use of my new labels.

It holds the camera and ipod in the front under a flap and there is an inside compartment for some other accessories. The hardware came from a cheaply thrifted bag and the strap can be removed.
Fabrics bought locally at Hip Stitch.

Lewis loves it and uses it all the time. Perfect. Happy boy, happy mama.


  1. Super Täschchen, Toll die wäre auch etwas für mich mit fantastischen kleinen Fächern.
    Hug Doris

  2. That's an awesome bag- I bet he does love it! I like the socks (both). I hate when I'm not expecting the yarn to vary in thickness like that. I hope it doesn't cause any problems for you. If it's thin around the heel area I would just add some reinforcement sock thread that would make them stronger. It can be hard to find though. Only one of my local yarn shops carry it.