Monday, January 31, 2011


I do not need any new yarn.
But I got some anyways.
Blue sky alpaca yarn, found at the new Yarn Store at Nob Hill, here on Facebook, I'm using a merino alpaca blend combined with brushed suri alpaca and it is every little bit as soft as it sounds.
I am making something similar to this (which I just finished for my little great grand niece in Florida), but a bit more like a ballet wrap that is tied in the back and with longer sleeves.

Finished wrap pictures and a class for slightly advanced knitters at the Yarn Store at Nob Hill will be coming soon!


  1. oh that pink - it looks incredibly soft! You make me want to knit in the worst way but with all this wet snow and ice my joints are trying to kill me so knitting is definitely not an option for me right now - but oooo, that pink. knit a few rows for me :)

  2. Kuschelweiche Wolle...süßes Jäckchen, da bekomm ich Lust zu stricken. Häckle gerade Silberketten.
    Hug Doris