Friday, February 18, 2011


O, the days when I get to play...

I promised pictures of happenings in my house, but no, I did not do any kind of painting or redecorating, I dyed more rovings!

And I scoured some gifted raw fleece (thanks again to my rughooking friend Mary!) and I dyed some more, woolen fabrics for rug hooking this time.

There was wool everywhere - my idea of heaven!

So the kitchen was transformed into a dye studio again, no surface spared.

And the bathroom floors were not spared either - my giant drying rack.

I have yet to take a good shot of the various woolens fabrics, but pardon me for being distracted. My knitting neighbor friend Ellen is moving permanently to Florida and gave my her woolen treasures as a gift!
So now the living room is covered in yarns, too - can you even believe this?!

Here some of my favorites:

I keep cruising the balls, sorting a bit here and there, touching yarns and wondering what I might wanna create...
Heaven indeed!
Have a great weekend, my friends!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Boy, that was a fast week.
So many things that I need to show.

Let's go, but beware - picture heavy post!

Last week brought more joy in a box:

A cutter for rug hooking.

And a very fine one, too!

It has already been put to work and the star rug, our current guild project, is growing.

And growing.
Have I ever mentioned how good it feels to the bare feet to stand on a hooked rug? One day I will make a biiiig rug!

The pink ballet wrap is all done.

If you want to see it for real you should come to the Yarn Store at Nob Hill. I will be teaching this in a class there soon.

A green Ballet wrap #2 is in the make.

Last, but not least there is our newest family member Munchkin.

While Romeo finally found a more suitable home in Santa Fe (where he is not being harrassed by a fellow feline..), harmony has been achieved here as well.
Munchie fits right in with our gang.
I know I know, it's a crappy dark picture, but I just could not bother them with a flash..!
And yes, Ikie, you are cute, too.

More to come soon, since you have yet to get an idea of how magically/brutally I manage to transform parts of this house, when I am in a crafty and colorful mood.
Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!

Monday, February 7, 2011

good bye

It is time to say farewell to an old friend.

She is pink.
She served me well for a long time.
Some folks might call her vintage.

My Motorola Razor.

She is retiring today, because Fedex brought my new personal assistant early.

I patiently waited for this for a very long time.


This is a good Monday.
This will be a good week, I can tell!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is really cold in Albuquerque right now.

Schools are out and we've gotten quite a bit of snow - this happening just about a week after my son declared that this has been a lame/mild winter!
Not so, not at all!

As a knitter and a spinner I find it only logical to pull out the woolens in this kind of weather, however my kids don't - with one exception: When it comes to playing in the snow, let me tell you that they are my biggest wool advocats.

They will tell you that any woolen mitten will keep you warmer than the store bought ones.

Even when it does not look that way.

They can be loaded with snow on the outside, and yet they are warm and dry on the inside.

In this case she had doubled up with Lewis' mittens.

"Omg - my hands are still warm!"

Silly girl! I love photoshoots with her!