Friday, January 24, 2014

the call

Picture paperdag, all warm and cozy in a comfy chair, while it's cold and not cozy at all outside. 
I was happily working on this new sweater and I can hardly put it down, cause this yarn is just so soft and lovely to work with and the fabric I'm creating feels so yummy and looks so pretty.

All is well and then it happened. The call. 
I resisted until today, when I opened the teak chest which holds this. Tosh Merino from NYC.


Right next to it the Araucania from Eureka, which I had almost forgotten. Almost. 

Another sigh.

Some touching and petting and contemplating happened. Before I could take a closer look at the gorgeous ball of alpaca in the lower left corner I closed the chest (can you see it? Pink and purple!). 
Now I wonder how long it will take until I give in and cast on with the Tosh Merino. Or maybe the Araucania after all? Oh wait, or will it be the super soft alpaca?
Life is tough. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous stash. I've yet to purchase Tosh, but I've been eyeing it up tough. My goal sweater is the Tea Leaves cardigan..Maybe in like 2 years after I finish my first sweater! Happy knitting!

  2. Love the colors....hhhmmmm....I don't think the problem is resisting the call, but once the call is answered, which one!?!