Saturday, April 11, 2009

the joy of yarn

All quiet here except some new haircuts and new teeth.
I've been trying to get a true snapshot of Fiona, but while those teeth grow speedyfast since they made their first appearance, I have only been getting big photo smiles, which is good, too!

I was thrilled after cutting Lewis' hair a few days ago, which had been growing out for four months. This time he agreed to having it quite short and I just love to see his handsome big boy face like this. I apologize for the distracting pink, which is the haircutting robe...

These days he seems to have grown so much and he is indeed getting real close to his 10th birthday. I find the older my guys get, the harder it seems to get a good picture. This next shot, which I am very happy with, was taken yesterday after he started grumping with me. I guess when I grabbed the camera he could not keep his expression too serious!

I have not been up to a lot of crafting or knitting, progress on another boardbook album (how-the-girl-lost-her-front-tooth) has been slow, but with pleasing results. Again, I have used the green stack (12x12) by DCWV, 70% recycled, my current favorite, combined with some sheets from Robin's store, that coordinate very well (Daisybucket Designs).

Most of my recent knitting was done on our trip to Arizona, Wyatt did most of our long distance driving, so I got to knit and finished this (size 3-4T).
It is waiting for the skirt to be shortened and sewed on to the cotton top.
My focus these days is on finishing some stuff for the Hip Stitch craft show coming up beginning of May, mainly girls dresses since it should be nice and warm by then. I am working on a new series with recycled adult skirts and dresses from rayon fabric, which gives the dress a nice drape.

So, if you are in ABQ, mark your calendars and stop by at Hip stitch Friday, May 1st between 5 and 8 pm or Saturday, May 2nd between 10 am and 4 pm .
I have yet to explain this posts title.
Check out the amazing story of this earthquake survivor in Italy:
A 98-year old lady was trapped for 30 hours before she was rescued. How she got through those long hours? - She crocheted!
What a story...

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  1. That top is too cute (and of course your kids are gorgeous too). Can't wait to see the whole ensemble. I may try to come by to see some of the craft show even though I don't sew. The recycled skirts intrigue me (I love the way rayon drapes too).

    I'm going to find the crochet story now...not only did it save her while she waited for rescue, I'd be willing to bet it's one of the reasons she's made it to 98! :)