Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet nothing and Arizona

Spring break. Lots of time to do nothing special.
Just hanging around, letting the laundry piles grow, munching the first strawberry pie of the season outside in the backyard,

enjoying the sun and being silly,

cruising some yard sales, good finds for boys/pilots included,

crafting and finishing a long abandonned embroidery project, a pin cushion (have I mentioned yet that I love the 70s??),

some more scrapbooking with a recycled board book:

And then there was our first family trip into Arizona.
A loooong drive with snow and dust storms, then the beautiful scenery of the Flagstaff area, a great yarn store in town (Purl in the Pines), amazing Indian ruins in the most incredible locations,

peaceful and offering a glimpse into the past.

I was touched by the respect with which numerous remains of Hopi vessels were gathered (possibly by tourists?) and placed on rocks at this site to be enjoyed by all visitors.

Spring break was good.


  1. Oh yeah! We had a mellow break too. We were going to go to White Sands National Monument, but it was just too darn windy.

    Hey! When did that yarn shop open in Flagstaff? And how did I miss it last Thanksgiving?

  2. I believe the yarn shop opened October 2008! Possibly they were not listed anywhere by Thanksgiving?! - Put it on your list of "to-visit-stores", a very nice place to shop and hang out at!