Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Time

Do you recycle your paper? Do you bring your glass to the container? Collect plastic? Buy bulk rather than 5 containers? Have you ever told anyone/a family member to turn the water off, because they are waisting it? Do you reuse ziplocs - if possible? Or maybe even wash them? Do you send snacks/lunch sandwiches in reusable containers or in snack/sandwich bags? Have you ever used an old towel/piece of cloth to assist when the kids are painting or do you go with paper towels - and paper towels and paper towels? Do you pull paper out of the garbage (preach to husband/kids for the umphs time) and put it with the recycling stuff? Do you use reusable bottles for water to go? Little things with a big impact - especially if we all join in.
You want more inspiration? Go say 'hi' to my friend Amber and indulge in her great variety of ideas!

I find it very suitable, that the weather got finally warm, 24 degrees celsius right on time for Earth Day. And I have put out nectar for our little friends, the hummingbirds, that have returned within the last weeks.

We also had another bird guest. Just yesterday I found this little guy in the middle of the street on the way home from school.
I drove by, almost ran over him, turned around to check on him. He was bleeding a little on the head, let me pick him up and put in the car, maybe he had been hit by one? I brought him home and out in the garden, where me and the cat enjoyed watching him recover from behind the glass. About an hour later he was gone, so hopefully he was able to fly again.

We spent the afternoon outside, grounded, barefoot. I hope you had your chance to feel close to Mother Earth, too!


  1. What kind of bird was that?! How beautiful! On my list of projects is to make those reusable sandwich bags out of vinyl/oilcloth. See you at craft night!

  2. whoops - that was me who wrote the last comment - under my husband's account name!!

  3. I love hearing people stopping their cars to help animals, no matter how tiny. My daughter would burst from sheer joy if we were lucky enough to happen upon a bird who needed picking up.