Friday, March 20, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

These photos have been in one of my albums for about 20 years now. I found them in the dumpster of a nursing home in Germany, where I used to work, maybe the previous owner had passed away.
It has since made me sad, that it is lost forever, who this happy family was and where the photos were taken. Or was it the aunt with some cousins? Mother and son with neighbor friends? I always thought they were shot in Florida, but who knows.
They have fascinated me immensely and still do.
Even though someone did not care and threw them away, to me they will always be special.


  1. These are beautiful. Your words struck home with me. When my husband's grandmother went into a nursing home, we gathered all her photos into 2 albums that would fit perfectly into her lap and would facilitate conversation between her and her visitors. She took a sharp turn rather quickly and was admitted to the hospital. When we went to collect her things they had "lost" them. All the old family photos, even those tucked into clothing when the family left Russia and Germany, GONE. It's still painful to think about.
    Ok - sorry to blog on your blog but my point is I am so happy that you are treasuring these photos, as they deserve to be!

  2. complete StrangerMarch 21, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    Do you think that two of the boys are twins? What a beautiful woman. Glad you kept it.

  3. What amazing photos. Maybe by posting these on the internet, the family they belong to will eventually be able to find them. I know google is working on facial recognition software for the internet for this sort of thing.

  4. I think of her as Jungle Jane and her three Tarzans. A sad but beautiful story because we may not know their names but we connect to the images and our imagination takes flight. Good save!

  5. wow, what a treasure to have these photos. they are amazing and really speak to my heart. so glad you found them to enjoy.