Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the greatest gift

Have I mentioned yet, that my son likes the Army? I mean not just "like" it, he is actually obsessed with it. He dresses in camouflage, talks about tanks and guns, eats books about WWI and WWII, plays on a daily basis with his little Forces of Valor toys, tanks and soldiers and perfectly imitates the sounds they make.

Do I like it? No. Do I want him to join the Army? No. Do I remind him constantly not to forget what weapons and war are about? Definite YES. Do I hope, he will outgrow this? Yes, yes and yes.

However in all this I have to admire the passion, with which he gets into everything he likes. So far he went through several phases of obsession in his life. To name a few, there was Brio, Lego (which has been an ongoing hobby with highs and lows), butterflies, ocean animals, specifically the giant squid (yes!), reptiles, his favorites the snakes and he could name them all. He has always been interested in drawing, crafting and art, he has crocheted and embroidered and tried to spin yarn, but all those do not rank too high on his to-do-list these days. So imagine my joy, when he brought me a drawing just yesterday, that he had made especially for me:

He had made this 3-dimensional pencil drawing of what he loves best these days and for me he had made it a German tank!

I loved the days, when he painted flowers, frogs and snakes for me, but here I was really touched by his effort to please us both - to combine our passions (his for the army and mine for everything artsy) to create this picture.

I should probably also mention that he does not really like school, so of course he ranks his hobbies higher. He always tries to find a way to weave the two together, like he recently gave a report on General Patton. Today he beat all previous efforts: he had to write a story that started with the words "water is good for...." and managed to turn that into a story about a combat situation. I am serious. That is art, too. Right.

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