Thursday, March 19, 2009

mail fun

The mail brought two unexpected surprise packages today.
First was a blog win from generous and talented Sarah at incaknits, some gorgeous handmade cards with pictures of her handknits. Thank you so much, Sarah, I love them!

Then there was also this:

A mini Japanese sewing kit from my sweet friend Mitchi from Maryland.

And the little bell on the front flap really works! Thank you, Mitchi, I love it!
Fiona received her last piece of art for the kid's art swap (find the flick group here) and boy, did we all love this one! It arrived in a thoughtfully picked envelope with the most beautiful stamp I have ever seen.

Mister Django did an awesome job with his artwork, too, and sent his greetings with the biggest grin ever.

Note to myself: I really want to go to New Caledonia one day.
And I want to ride a horse.
The two are not related.
Even though it might be nice to ride a horse in New Caledonia, who knows...

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  1. you are so welcome. I hope that you enjoy the notecards!!