Friday, March 6, 2009


Today, just like yesterday, is one of those rare cloudy days here in Albuquerque. While the clouds are still racing in the sky, dramatically changing their shape by the second, the strong winds that shook the city yesterday just brought dust and not the much desired rain and have almost completely calmed down.

We are at the end of a week of change.

Spring has definitely paid us an early visit, I've seen a lot of blooming trees and temperatures have been up into the 70s, yes, my German friends, that is wonderful 21 Celsius!

At the same time we, as in husband and me, have made the much needed decision to alter our, as in the family's, eating habits. That means more homecooked meals, less eating out, and while we've always tried to eat healthy, this is yet one step forward and incouragement to dig out those dusty cookbooks and try something new! And please leave me a comment if you know a good internet site with healthy lowfat receipes.

Also, I got back into the groove with my running. Yes, I am trying to shed some pounds, but no, I will not bore you with the gruesome details, let's just say, I am seeing results. Today I went out for my 4th run of the week and while I initially thought I'd have to walk in between, I ended up extending my regular run of average 47 minutes to one of 1 hour and 15 minutes. I have to admit, that I am lucky enough to get quick results and this morning the scale showed me a number that I have not seen in probably a year, which feels real good.

On the technical side change means a new toy (or should I call it a gadget, Kathy??), which is the latest fancy HP Photosmart printer. I had recently bought a quite cheap Kodak printer and while I usually love the Kodak quality, this one turned out as the super flop and was quickly returned to the store after one trial, where I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support and still got only cr... prints. I have yet to discover all the features of the new printer, but so far I got perfect photo prints and one great copy out of it. Yeah for Mom's new toy!

All this (well actually not quite the printerthing, but whatever..) brings me - believe it or not - to Michael Jackson, who has just announced his comeback after 12 years with a series of concerts in London. So I found this. Hmm. Not bad, but I really wonder what all the marching and the helicopterthing is for. My favorite part is the flash of the monster-Michael from the Thriller clip, but the ending? Boy, that made me just laugh out loud, dude, I admire you for you selfconfidence!

Oops, but I got sidetracked. Talking about all the changes for the family and myself makes me love one of Michael's songs even more, I have to say though, that it gives me the creeps to hear him sing about children. Well, just listen to this old song, which is on my iPod in the playlist 'runningstuff'. Wise words and a good beat, too.
And here, same song (you really don't want your kids to watch this version!), but with pictures that make you realize how lucky we are to have everything we need. Just a friendly reminder to always do the best we can to be a better person and to do what's necessary to make this world a better place. Thanks, Michael.


  1. My all-time favorite MJ song (Man in the Mirror).

    As far as healthy recipes, you might try, but I haven't been there in years. I always use Food Network's recipe search...I think you can restrict a broader search (like tomato soup) for low-fat/healthy versions (but I'm not sure).

  2. Gadgets are almost always toys, Dag!! Looks like you ended up with a good one! I have one that looks much the same and I loooove it!!! Play away!