Sunday, October 30, 2011

daily business

I have finished more fingerless gloves and added the first pair to my Etsy Shop.

This led to a really fun photo shoot with my daughter!

Since I mentioned the farmer's market, I thought I show you my little set-up.

I think it looked kinda cute. However the sales were not great, I think people are still not used to this being farmers AND artists. But there is a lot of room for growth.
Next year.

Here is the finished little mat that I showed you from the back side the other day.

I am not too fond of the corners, they look kinda fatso, because the material really bulked up. Hmm.
Gotta ask the wise woman aka my smart teacher.
Ike does not mind the funky corners! (And I actually don't mind too much either.)

I had not planned to show this, but since Munchkin decided to strike a pose...

Coasters in the make, not too far advanced at this point.

But who cares, when there is a cute cat in the picture, right?!

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a very happy Sunday!


  1. Dag,
    Your talents are awesome! Love the gloves and that mat is precious! Your color sense is wonderful!
    I wish we lived closer too....... your home looks cozy and I can just feel the creative energy flowing!
    I hope your sales start to blossom like your work! The craft show here will be the tell all for me...... I'm pouring all I have into it!
    Cathy G

  2. I think your market display is great! I love everything you make - those coasters look terrific already! Happy Halloween!

  3. What a great display! I love your hooked rug. I was in Santa Fe in September and tried to meet up with a rug hooking group in Albuquerque, but the timing just didn't work out for me. Maybe I would have met you there?