Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Works of gratitude

If you have ever laid your hands on japanese craft/knitting/crochet magazines or books, you will know how lucky I am to have a friend with a kind hearted husband, who brought me a whole bag full from a business trip to Japan. 
He even went through the trouble twice! 

The books are packed with beautiful pictures, awesome projects and the writing.. ah well, looks lovely, too, even though I don't understand a single word! (In most cases I can figure out how to work from the pictures, crochet charts or sewing patterns, so it really is okay!)

I found out that he very much likes scarves and with the new year and the whole UFO thing, I finally got on to it, picked up the project that I had started a good while ago, but dumped for tremendous ugliness. 
I had a great idea how it would end up perfect and started knitting in a brioche pattern.

Literally just the next day after I started working on the scarf I found out from my friend that her husband is leaving for a temporary job in Switzerland THIS friday! Yikes - it sure still is freezing cold over there and people not just wear scarves, they NEED them.
I pushed the red emergency button and put that knitting into high speed gear and I am almost there, it's about 4 ft long already!
Now if you'll excuse me, have a great day, I gotta get back to my scarf knitting!


  1. Your friends husband will certainly appreciate the gesture. And the scarf is NOT ugly :)

  2. Wow - good for you! What a lovely win-win exchange!!

  3. Liebe Dag, hab mir erlaubt dich zu taggen - mehr dazu auf meinem Blog. Würd mich freuen wenn du Lust hättest mitzumachen? lg melanie

  4. sehr schön. bist auch ein kreativling :)
    i like!
    schönen valentinstag dir.
    maren anita

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