Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Blankie

Three years ago I was lucky to make the aquaintance of a fellow knitter, Karen. To call her a fellow knitter is a slight understatement, since is not only a talented and creative woman, she actually has managed to make a living with her knitting and has worked as a professional knitter for various companies.

Shortly after we met she had a big yarn yardsale - that is big as in HUGE. She sold about 15 bins of yarn, good stuff. If you know me, you probably figured it out - I was one of her best customers, went home with bags full of yarn, among them this goodie stuff, Morehouse Merino, sweater pattern included.

For the longest time I wanted to make a sweater out of it, not necessarily the one on the pictures, but come on, these are so my colors!

- Then one day it finally clicked when I was cruising my Rowan Magazines and found the perfect pattern (Ravelers click here), a pattern for a picnic blanket. I launched myself to my crochet hooks and off I went to create the flowerpower blankie (again, Ravelers click there).

I worked on it for about 2 weeks, but if you are a smart reader you may have realized, that 'launching oneself' can be associated with 'not thinking'. Now how hard is it to figure out, that the amount of yarn, that is supposed to be enough for ONE sweater, will not in a million years be sufficient to create ONE blanket, hm?

And therefor, my dear readers, I do advise you to never launch yourself into any knitting or crochet project without using your precious brain first. - Unless you don't mind doing what I did: be satisfied with the miniature version, that is a blankIE instead of a blankET and make one girlie the happiest kiddo in town!


  1. Oh! I like that one even better than the one you were working on the other night (and I liked that one a lot). I am so starting one of these...just as soon as the knitted afghans are finished ;).

  2. That is beautiful! I just requested a Ravalry invitation so I can see the pattern.

    Love the smile minus 2 teeth. My big guy has 2 wiggly front teeth, looking forward to the photo ops!