Friday, February 13, 2009

The little dude

Last year my daughter made a very special present for her brother's 9th birthday, something, that she herself cherishes very much: a stuffed animal.

She worked very hard to get it done on time, she designed it, did a lot of the sewing and embroidery herself with only a little help from me and created "the little dude"/"den Kleinen".

But the little guy was hard enough to make by himself, so - no clothes. Yet.

--- And then Valentine's Day 2009 approached and I had a splendid idea and knitted/sewed this:

In the front I added a little pocket with a string, that has a little heart attached.

So much love in one present!

The little armysuit fits perfectly and I can not wait to see his face, when he opens his gift!

My Wednesday thrift store excursion brought me to this, which was kinda my Valentine's for myself, four small cookieplates from the 70s!

Check it out - with everlasting roses, too!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

I'm off to finishing the little sweater for my daughter's stuffed animal - little red heart included!


  1. That is a lovely gift and a lovely sweater. I'm off blogging hiatus and I'm going to do a linkback here so just in case anyone is still reading my blog they can find you too.

  2. I had meant to comment previously but had some tech glitch: this stuffed animal, its jumper with heart in the pocket---oh my goodness; how much love indeed? fantastic!

    Never have a moment's doubt about the kind of parent you are, Dag. You're a fabulous mother.