Thursday, April 22, 2010

reading again

As my eyes have lost the sharpness they used to be famous for, my desire to read has decreased simultanuously. Imagine being reminded of your age every time you grab a book, because you have to adjust the distance at which you hold it in front of you (arms length!) or to reach for the reading glasses (after you finally gave in and bought them).
No fun.
I mostly switched to audiobooks with the added convenience, that you can knit/spin/sew/drive/you-name-it while you listen.

However, right now, I am reading a real book! One of my sisters-in-law wrote a book, she already mailed us a signed copy, sweet as she is, and I cannot put it down.
Apart from the fact that I am learning a lot about the family, how the husband and his sisters grew up, and life in the South in general, I laugh. A lot. This is the funniest book I have read in for-ever!

Thank you, Olivia!

The hooking in the meantime is suffering from growth pains. Look at the pile of wool strips, anything strike you as odd, when you compare it to the picture I'm working on?

I knew you'd figure it out - I'm pretty much out of pink. ---Thank God for great teachers with a humongous stash of wool fabrics!

So for now I'll be working with my yellow, blue and red. That's plenty.
On the matter of Earth Day, I'd like to share the insight of fellow blogger Sara, who says it (almost) all HERE. I thank her for getting me thinking and reducing our use of plastic even more.
Wishing us all a happy and green Earth Day!


  1. Wauw that is amazing!!! It's beautiful. How do you make that? It no crochet or embroidery, isn't it?
    I love it.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog!!! It was nice to hear from you!
    You are always welcome!! Come back soon! :)

  3. Really love the colors you're using on this hooked piece!